Shipping and return policies for jessica murray

Shipping Info
single: $5
ep: $7
lp: $10
double ep (split digital/physical): $10
double ep (both physical): $14
double lp: $20

releases are categorized conceptually, rather than by length.
there are 70 minute eps and 65 minute records.

compilation formats (dvd, bd) will be priced at $10/hour of music.
so, a 7.5 hour dvd flac disc will be priced at $75.
i've been unable to derive a flat pricing that makes sense.

types of compilation discs will be:
- dvd flac "box sets" of all singles around an lp.
- dvd/bd flac "period discs" of all releases in a period.
- dvd/bd mp3/flac compilation discs are a running chronological total with no overlap.

note that flac is higher quality than mp3.
therefore, mp3 discs contain more music.
pricing is relative to length, only.
be sure to purchase what you WANT.

$5 - can
$10 - us/intl

shipping rates are flat to the max, meaning i may gain slightly but i won't lose on shipping. it's otherwise about $3 to make a package. 20% of the sale price goes to transaction fees. this is as cheap as it can be while still being worthwhile to produce. if you buy a very large package (five cds or more), shipping will come down substantially and i'll contact you to talk about ways to make it more fair.

for right now, all discs will have planned limited edition, numbered handmade runs and will be made on demand up to 5000 copies sold, at which point they will be professionally pressed without numbers.

if you want me to send you something twice, you'd better be able to prove it got lost. there will be very few exceptions. sorry.